Balancing the Budget

Eunice understands the big picture of the state budget crisis and what needs to be done to repair it. Her agenda is grounded in common sense and fiscal responsibility. The way to save money in the long term is: (a) not to spend money on things that are not a necessity, (b) fight waste and abuse at every level, and (c) identify and take advantage of public programs and services with a high return on investment.

More Jobs and Stronger Economy

Create jobs to replace jobs that have been lost in the private and public sectors with high-wage sustainable jobs is a priority for Eunice. Her family, like many others in Florida, has been affected by the slow economy. Eunice is a strong proponent of better jobs with fair wages, safe working conditions and benefits that allow all Floridians to live with dignity and a peace of mind. She will collaborate with leaders in her District and in the Florida Legislature; to ensure that Floridians have access to education and training that will prepare them for careers and high-wage jobs.


Education, ingenuity, and perseverance are all a part of the American dream. A college degree is an increasingly critical milestone on the road to personal independence, career success and our nation’s ability to compete in a global marketplace. The economic costs of educationally disadvantage include a decrease in tax revenue due to stunted economic growth, and increased costs for public social programs. Eunice will work to make “No Child Left Behind” more productive and less punitive. She will fight for America’s future leaders from preschool through college by working to expand Head Start programs; provide incentives to attract and retain highly-skilled teachers; and make college more accessible and affordable.

Environment and Green Energy

 Florida’s economy is changing, and Eunice knows that we must adapt in order to compete. Job growth in our state will increasingly be the result of green energy and clean technology projects, such as wind power, ethanol, bio-diesel, and clean coal. In order to build Florida’s’ green economy, and to ensure that our children will grow up with a clean environment, we need to collectively renew our commitment to protecting and defending our natural resources.

Eunice will work to expand the economy by supporting the development of new, emerging industries that will provide high tech, high wage, and environmentally clean jobs. Her focus will be driven by the growing health care industry, and a viable alternative energy industry. Eunice will also support development of public and private job training programs including apprenticeship programs; payment of prevailing wage rates in public works projects; and increasing livable wages for all workers.

Public Safety

Keeping our homes, our neighborhoods, and our citizens safe is critical. Eunice believes a society in which families and communities can develop and flourish free from the social and economic conditions that threaten our stability and make us unsafe; where parents and community leaders can return their focus to building solid foundations for healthy homes and vibrant, growing neighborhoods; and where individuals, irrespective of race, gender, orientation, or physical ability, can find the support and resources required to build a rich and meaningful life.

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